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Czech Plus Band
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St. Josephs Day Parade Winners
37th Annual Houby Days Festival, May16-18th 2014
Vehicle Category

1st Place:   Ely Fire Dept
2nd Place:  US Bank
3rd Place:  Jared Hills

Walking Category

1st Place:  The Burke, Harrington & Schmidt Families
2nd Place:  National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library
3rd Place:  Never Give Up (Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Float Category

1st Place:  Jarvis Property Restoration
2nd Place:  Sheet Metal Workers Local #263
Wilson Avenue Hy-Vee hosting a Czech Day as part of our
Taste of Wilson Avenue Hy-Vee International Fest.
Czech Day Friday, May 2 Czech Plus Band 4-6 PM
Different departments featuring Czech specialties
The Houby Festival is an annual event in Historic Czech Village.  Houby (pronounced hoo-bee) is the Czech word for mushrooms.  Hunting them is a major activity of the Czechs and Slovaks and they gather them by the basket full.  There are many varieties that are eaten and as the Czech’s are fond of saying, “All mushrooms are edible although some of them you can only eat once!”  Once they are gathered the ones that are not eaten immediately, are dried, frozen or pickled.  They are gathered from early in the spring until late in the fall and the woods are always full of mushroom pickers.  It is a family activity so children usually know by the time they are 10 years old which mushrooms to pick and which mushrooms not to touch.  They all recognize the bright red capped mushroom as the fairy tale mushroom but also as one of the deadliest in the forest.  On a beautiful summer day the woods will be full of families, walking, talking and gathering mushrooms.    Mushrooms that are gathered are best cleaned (just wipe the dirt off and don’t wash them) and then sliced and fried in a little oil.  These are then served over boiled potatoes for a wonderful evening dinner.
Here in Cedar Rapids, we celebrate the tradition and all that it means to the Czech and Slovak.  Houby are not only a source of food but they are also a fun family activity.  At our Houby festival, we are also striving to bring a fun family day, filled with music, games, activities and Czech-Slovak heritage.
Parade Photos